The ASLA Arbitration Working Group has been created with the aim of aggregating the practitioners working in the ASLA Law Firms that are on a day-to-day basis dealing with dispute resolution matters.

I trepresents a form  of discussion on arbitration related matters and ADR and promotes the development of arbitration as a method for the resolution of disputes and the diffusion of the knowledge of such instrument, both within the associated Law Firms and in the Italian legal community.

The Arbitration Working Group is composed by some of the most pre-eminent experts of arbitration, who happen to be also the most important users of such dispute resolution method in Italy in terms of cases managed. As a consequence, it represents a privileged point of observation on the use of arbitration in Italy and abroad and on the main issues deriving to practitioners from such use. This makes the discussions within the Working Group extremely interesting.

The Arbitration Working Group regularly meets in order to discuss matters of common interest, creates documents and guidelines and participates to call for comments and consultation papers issued by governative and arbitral entities.

The Arbitration Working Group organizes seminars and meetings, also with the participation of national and international guests and arbitral institution representatives, in such a way facilitating the meeting between the professionals of the Group, first-rate foreign practitioner of the arbitration world and the arbitral institutions, in Italy and abroad.

Coordinators: Avv. Michelangelo Cicogna - Studio Legale De Berti Jacchia Franchini Forlani, Avv. Cecilia Carrara – Legance , Prof. Albert Henke – Clifford Chance

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ASLA, the Associated Law Firm Association, was created at the end of 2003 by Italy’s leading law firms operating in the company, commercial and international financial sectors.

The Association, which currently counts amongst its members over ninety law firms with offices in Italy - many of which have affiliations in other European countries and in the United States –, aims to promote the interests of its member law firms and to promote the ongoing improvement of client service within the context of applicable regulations and ethical codes.

ASLA is a not for profit, apolitical association which, with input from its members, cooperates with and supports regional Bars, the Italian National Bar Council, various Professional representative committees and other national and Europe wide organisations, in the performance of their institutional functions. At the same time, it seeks to promote the interests and objectives of its members.

Wednesday 30 September 2020

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